Original Vintage

We offer a range of original vintage dresses ranging from the 1900s through to the early 1970s. Each of our dresses reflects some of the diverse characteristics that were dominant of each era.

1900s -  La Belle Époque refers to the pre-war “beautiful era” characterised by extravagant dressing and the height of luxury living for the privileged. This era was known as the Edwardian era in the UK.

1920s -
The Roaring Twenties transformed the face of fashion. Women openly smoked, drank and fought back against the rigid regulations that governed society from the 1900s. The “flapper dress” allowed women to dance and move freely. Drop waisted, loose evening dresses became the norm

1930s -
In the depression of the thirties, women found escapism in the glamour of Hollywood and the silver screen. Hemlines dropped, the waist moved back up and emphasis was placed more on cut than ornamentation.

1940s -
Rationing as a result of World War II meant that clothes were inspired by practicality. Silk was replaced by manmade Rayon and everything became pared down.

1950s -
The New Look created by Christian Dior in 1947 dominated the beginning of the fifties. The hourglass silhouette was embraced and crinoline underskirts were worn to increase fullness.

1960s - 
The swinging sixties was a time of experimentation. Following the new sexual revolution resulting from the introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1961, hemlines became shorter and the miniskirt was born.

1970s -
The hedonistic seventies brought about bohemia, punk, glam rock and an obsession with disco dancing following the release of “Saturday Night Fever”.