Beautiful & Timeless Vintage Wedding Dresses & Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

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Welcome To Vintage Bride where we stock one off original vintage wedding dresses, from 1900s antique wedding dresses through the decades up to and including the early 1970s. We also offer a stunning range of vintage style wedding dresses.

Why choose a dress from Vintage Bride?

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I Want A Vintage Wedding Dress To Reflect A Chosen Decade

Vintage wedding dresses are an obvious choice if you are having a vintage themed wedding. At Vintage Bride we seek out the most stunning antique wedding dresses from the 1900s onwards, so whatever decade you are basing your wedding on, we will have, or can source, a wedding dress to match.

I Want A Vintage Wedding Dress To Be A Part Of History

For some of us, history holds far more interest than the present or future. It calls to us, telling the countless stories of lives that moulded our modern world. So what better way to mark the most important day of your life than to choose a vintage wedding dress that holds a small part of history within its fibres? A dress that is waiting for you to add to the story rather than just starting one. I Want A Vintage Wedding Dress To Be A Part Of History  today.

I Want A Vintage Style Wedding Dress To Recreate History

Vintage Bride offers a range of vintage inspired wedding dresses, custom made today to reflect the style of your chosen decade. We have a wide range of vintage style wedding dresses to choose from, so whatever style you have in mind be sure to give us a call and come in and choose your own vintage style wedding dress today.